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Letter of Thanks from the Ukrainian Vitreoretinal Society

During the recent conflict in Ukraine, Miracles In Sight along with peer eye banking organizations donated specialized corneal tissue to the Ukrainian Vitreoretinal Society (UVRS) for use in treating combat-related eye injuries. Miracles In Sight, Eye Life International, Lions Vision Gift, the Nevada Donor Network, Advancing Sight, CorneaGen and the San Diego Eye Bank received this letter of thanks from UVRS president, Dr. Andrii Ruban, for the vital support during this difficult time.

Dr. Ruban specializes in vitreoretinal surgery, but disruption resulting from the conflict has caused many Ukranian ophthalmologists to halt normal operations. The UVRS continues to provide free medical treatment for civilians and military personnel with eye injuries.

“We really appreciate the support of international ophthalmologic societies from Europe, America, Canada and other countries,” said Dr. Ruban in a recent statement.