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Miracles in Sight, Bringing Light to the World for Thousands

miracles in sight bringing light to the world

Miracles in Sight is the second largest eye bank in the United States and helps train future eye specialists, locally, nationally and internationally. It is open 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day. The organization strives to help the third of the population who experience corneal blindness.

“We are a multifaceted vision charity,” said President and CEO, Dean Vavra. “That’s why we changed our name from North Carolina Eye Bank to Miracles in Sight, because that’s what we do. We give financial support to the Industries for the Blind, which employs people with vision disabilities. We pay for the education of cornea fellows, one at Duke, one at Wake and another in New Delhi. We do eye bank development and have a sister organization in New Delhi. We provide vision care for indigent people. We train eye bankers and build training labs. Eye banking is only one of our core functions.”

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miracles in sight bringing light to the world