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The gift of sight reaches Mongolia and Ghana

At Miracles In Sight, we are blessed with opportunities to extend our mission to parts of the world where corneal transplants have not been available to help people suffering from vision loss due to disease or injury. We are able to help by partnering with amazing organizations around the world to share the gift of sight with those in need.Read More

Gerard Person: A Career Helping Others

The end of March marks Gerard Person’s official retirement from Miracles In Sight as a surgical recovery specialist, having spent 20 years making an immeasurable difference in the lives of others throughout a career that began one night in Raleigh, NC, many years ago.

Gerard was moonlighting as a security guard at Rex Hospital in Raleigh when he met a recovery technician from what was then known as the North Carolina Eye Bank. The technician was called to the hospital to recover donated corneal tissue.Read More

Mistrust of the Medical Establishment In the Black Community – Mike Tramber

Our very own Mike Tramber shares his story and experiences with mistrust of the medical establishment in a blog for the EBAA. He outlines the deep history of racial injustice, conflicting opinions on his profession, and his drive to continue shaping the medical world into an informed, safe, and unbiased system.


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High School Senior Raises $2,500 for Miracles In Sight


Justice Sheaffer, a Senior at Mifflin County High School, was able to raise $2,500 by organizing a spaghetti dinner fundraiser to bring awareness for #MiraclesInSight. Honoring her late uncle who donated his corneas in 2004, Sheaffer wanted to dedicate her senior project to something personally impactful.

We’re so grateful for her dedication to “Creating Miracles with Each Bite” and her commitment to raising awareness for cornea donations.

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November is Eye Donation Month!

Eye Donation Month is held each November to help bring awareness to the importance of eye donation. All month long, Miracles In Sight, (with the help of the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA)) will help generate awareness about the need for eye donation, common misconceptions about the process, and life-changing opportunities that are created when recipients regain their sight through corneal transplants. This year, the theme is “A New View”– this theme celebrates the new perspective on life that corneal transplant recipients experience after having their sight restored, and the change in viewpoint donor families express when the pain of a loved one’s death is at least partially mitigated by the opportunity to share the gift of sight with someone in need of a transplant.

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“Honoring Our Eye Donors” – 2022 MIS Flag Orders

Miracles In Sight is gearing up for Eye Donation Month 2022!

To help us spread awareness about the importance of eye donation and honor our donors, we have created custom MIS outdoor and garden flags for our partners to display. We’re taking orders for these custom flags from now until September 9th, to be distributed in the month of October by our team.

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