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Donor Family Story: Doug Hall

My brother was an amazing human being.  He was three years older than me, and he was my hero since the day I was born.  He read every book we owned to me and my sister and was always reading, learning, studying, and exploring to learn more than most young boys his age.  Our childhood was filled with wonder and excitement because Doug was constantly introducing us to the solar system through his telescope, microorganisms through his microscope, and amazing stories and facts through the books he read and shared with us.  

His eyes saw many wonderful wonders and there are not enough words to express how soothing they were when he looked at you.  

I found out I had cancer when I was in my 20’s.  He came straight to the hospital and without saying a word I could tell he was there to support and offer me comfort just from the look in his eyes.  

I loved him, looked up to him, and always wanted to make him proud.  We laughed, sang, played games, and had the most amazing friendship that any siblings could possibly have.  

I would like to say to the recipient of his donation these words.  God Bless you and keep you safe and healthy and please know that the donation of my brother was completely out of love and grace.  Those two words completely describe my amazing brother.  He loved everyone and loved God and it showed in everything he did in his life.  May you live long and love your people and enjoy your life.  I find some comfort in my tremendous grief that part of my brother lives on in someone else.  

God Bless,

Brenda Haynes

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