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Donor Family Story: Larry Robertson

On March 4th at 11:00 pm Larry was experiencing chest discomfort and sweating. EMS was called and he was taken to the emergency room. At 1:30 it was decided he needed to have a cardiac catherization and at 3:30 am he was pronounced death during the procedure. Prior to 11:00 we had been to Pizza Hut and watched the Duke and Carolina game. All seemed to be well. His death was totally a surprise.

On the way home I was called concerning donation. I have been a registered nurse for 52 years and always encouraged organ donation so this was not a choice. I was thankful that something good would be coming from his sudden death. At 1:00 pm the called came concerning the donation with added information. It was a positive experience and thankful I was contacted.

Larry was a master carpenter. He made beautiful jewelry boxes, clocks, bowels, vases etc. He never sold them but gave them away to family members. He had little patience for somethings but when he had a piece of wood in his hands he could sand and cut for hours. At church he was there 45min before service started. Making sure lights were on, heat and air was good and greeted people as they entered. His wit and ability to relate to anyone is the thing I miss the most.