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Donor Family Story: Nancy Minger

My mom passed away on 12/2/2023 and she donated her eyes to your organization. I just wanted to share some things about her. She was 67 years old from Blythewood SC. My mom was so very tough. She was the CEO of our entire family. She had 2 children, me and my brother. But she raised my 2 cousins and was raising my oldest nephew.  Mom went on disability in 2008 due to her declining eyesight. She worked food service for years and really loved people. She was one of the most social and caring people on this side of heaven. She had diabetic retinopathy and so desperately wanted to regain her vision. I pray that her donation is able to help advance science or another persons life that is dealing with blindness. She was the best mom and example of a woman. I miss her so much. Thank you for letting me share some things about her.

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