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Donor Family Story: Robert Barrios

Hi, I wasn’t sure how to start this letter. It’s a hard one to write. It’s been about 4 months since we lost my husband and dad to our 13-year-old girl. I wanted to write the ones whose lives will be changed by our sacrifice to let them know we are happy about the donation he was able to make. I wanted to tell you a few things about him…

He was a loving father and husband.

He loved Clemson Football even during their losing streaks.

He was a good provider and loved cooking for us, especially on special occasions.

He loved to travel around the area and would get us up at random times just to go to places like the beach and mountains.

He was strong and stubborn and that got him through so much in his life. 

He was old-fashioned in so many ways.

He loved watching shows like Andy Griffin and old Westerns and anything about cars and motorcycles.

Years before he passed, he loved riding motorcycles but as time went on, he could no longer do that.

He was a hard worker sometimes too hard, he loved to be on the go and sometimes that was a bad thing. He told me I taught him to enjoy the small things and made him to be a better man. He made me better too.

My advice on how to honor what he has given you is to enjoy your life to the fullest. Enjoy the small things in life and take time for family and friends because it can be taken at a moment’s notice. We lost him very quickly and wish every day we could have more time with him. Life is too short.

With Blessings for your future.

-Your donor family.