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What’s New In The Carolinas – By Dean Vavra

Dean Vavra Miracles In Sight CEO

Our Facebook fans are aware that Miracles In Sight (MIS), formerly, the North Carolina Eye Bank, acquired the eye banking operation from LifePoint in South Carolina May 4th. The acquisition has consolidated most of North Carolina and South Carolina eye banking operations under the MIS roof.

There are, however, other eye bank related operations in North Carolina that are not affiliated with MIS.  Facebook fans tell us they are confused about our business connections with these other entities. So let’s lay them out here.

  • Ocular Systems Inc. lives in Winston-Salem and processes corneas for EK and other procedures.  OSI is owned by SightLife in Seattle. Miracles In Sight has no business holdings with OSI.  We have cordial relationships with Ocular Systems, Inc and her staff.
  • SightLife  (SL) is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.  MIS does not have a stake in SightLife.  MIS does partner with SL in support for one eye bank in Delhi, India.  Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital Eye Bank has received funding and technical support from MIS. Miracles In Sight has enjoyed this charitable mission we undertook with SightLife. The goal is that Shroff’s eye bank will be self-sufficient by the end of 2016.
  • LifeShare is an OPO/eye bank serving western North Carolina and maintains her eye banking program with no involvement from MIS. Miracles In Sight remains a free standing and community based eye bank after the South Carolina acquisition. We maintain cordial relationships with all regional eye banking programs.  MIS also supports vision related charities in the Carolinas and helps support academic programs training surgeons in both states.

We believe that offering sight to others is one of life’s most valuable gifts.

Dean Vavra, MS, CEBT
President & CEO

Dean Vavra Miracles In Sight CEO

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