The work we do to help restore sight through corneal transplantation touches many people, including the professionals with whom we partner, generous donors and their families—and grateful recipients whose lives can be forever changed.

Resources for Recipients

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Determining If You Are A Corneal Transplant Candidate

If you are a corneal transplant candidate, you probably have had trouble seeing for a period of time. You have likely worn glasses and/or contact lenses and used a variety of eye medications. If you believe you may be a corneal transplant candidate, please discuss your options with your ophthalmologist.

A cornea transplant will not cure a disease; rather, it will restore sight to one who suffers from corneal blindness. Common causes of corneal blindness are:

  • Trauma/infection to the cornea
  • Keratoconus (cornea becomes cone shaped)
  • Fuch’s Dystrophy
  • Pseudophakic Bullous Keratopathy
  • Corneal degeneration

Once you and your doctor decide that cornea transplantation is the appropriate solution for you, your doctor will request tissue from Miracles In Sight that specifically fits your surgery needs. Learn more about our corneal tissue recovery process.


  • When I was diagnosed with a progressive eye disease my only hope was corneal transplant surgery. I couldn’t believe that someone I didn’t even know would care enough to give their loved one’s corneas to me. Because of the gift of sight, I was able to touch the lives of others as an EMS technician.

    Gary G.

  • David had just graduated from high school. He was 18 years old and very loving. He was a true trickster, always playing jokes on people (especially me). We love him and we miss him, but we are glad that he could give someone else the ability to see.

    KIM D.

  • I know she would be very pleased and proud to know that her eyes are now helping someone else to see the beauty in the world as she did. That was the kind of person she was. She will be missed by all who knew her, most of all by me.

    Van B.

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