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Our talented and experienced leadership team is passionate about eye donation, transplantation and eye banking and committed to supporting the needs of our donors, recipients and professional partners.

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Dean Vavra, MS, CEBT

President and CEO

Kristen McCoy, MS, CEBT, CTBS

Vice President of Surgical Applications

Ingrid Schunder, B.A., B.S., MBA, CEBT

Vice President of Donor Logistics

Mike Tramber

Vice President of Operations

Daniel Mercado

Division Director

Fred Jordan

Director of Development

Jan Keeling

Donor Center Director

Donna McDonald

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Isaac L. Perry, B.S., MBA, CEBT

Director of Research and Development

Bob Russ, Jr.

Director of Communications & Human Resources

Gay Wilson

Director of Finance, Administration and Facilities
  • I am so grateful to the North Caroline Eye Bank for giving me the opportunity to share the sparkle in his eyes with someone else. I love the thought that someone is seeing the sunset or a rainbow that Arthur so loved, through his eyes. It is a blessing to me to know that a part of him lives on.

    Arthur's Wife

  • He always told me and many others, ‘If something should happen to me first, please, let them use whatever they can to help save someone else who might need it to survive or especially someone with diabetes like me, who has lost their vision, to see again.

    Helen A.

  • We are proud that through The North Carolina Eye Bank we were able to honor his dedication to research and innovation and make a donation that we hope will continue to improve and preserve the vision of many.

    Peter's Wife

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