Funeral Homes

We appreciate the help we get from funeral homes in arranging for and assisting with tissue recovery. Working together, we can offer families the opportunity to participate in corneal donation and help change someone’s life by giving them the gift of sight.

Information For Funeral Homes

Miracles In Sight values the relationships we have cultivated with funeral homes. We work hard to maintain open communication with staff and management and continually seek ways to improve the donation process between Miracles In Sight and our funeral home partners.

Recovery Process Guidelines

Help us in the recovery process by following these guidelines:

  1. Please schedule body prep and embalming after cornea recovery so that we can honor the donor and family’s wishes.
  2. Please keep the body cool to keep tissues viable for donation.
  3. Please do not spray the eyes with disinfectant until after recovery. The use of disinfectant renders the corneas unsuitable for transplant.
  4. Please wait until after recovery to use eye caps, as they render the corneas unsuitable for transplant.

For more information about working with Miracles In Sight, please contact: 

Fred Jordan
Director of Development

  • I have been using tissue from Miracles In Sight for 15 years. The quality and consistency of the tissue provided has always been superb without question. In emergency situations, Miracles In Sight has always come through in a timely fashion.


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