information for hospice


Miracles In Sight provides support to and processes for hospice workers who are sometimes in the best position of making their patients and the families aware of the good organ donation can do.
information for hospice

Information For Hospice Workers

Illness, injury or age does not preclude organ donation. To help, we have a trained team of transplant donor coordinators who will speak to prospective donor families by phone, explaining to them the importance of the donation and the good it will do, creating a living legacy for their loved one. We strive to receive authorization while at the same time being compassionate and caring. If the patient and the family agree to eye donation, document your patient’s decision.


The recovery process

  • Miracles In Sight will work with the hospice to establish roles, expectations and next steps.
  • When a donor passes away, a hospice staff member makes the referral by calling the donor referral line within one hour of the patient’s passing.
  • Miracles In Sight’s trained staff will then evaluate the patient’s donation eligibility. Illness, injury or age may not necessarily make a donor ineligible.
  • We follow specific guidelines for preserving the corneas for donation: Download Eye Donor Care PDF

  • Our transplant donor coordinators will speak to the family members by phone, talking to them about the patient’s registry status and the importance of cornea donation.
  • Once we have received authorization for the donation, we will arrange for the corneal tissue recovery and begin our after-care procedures for the family. The cornea recovery will usually take place at the hospital, but may be also occur at the funeral home or local medical examiner or coroner’s office.

  • I have been using tissue from Miracles In Sight for 15 years. The quality and consistency of the tissue provided has always been superb without question. In emergency situations, Miracles In Sight has always come through in a timely fashion.


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