To support our mission of restoring sight to those in need, we rely on volunteers to help us communicate the importance of eye donation.

Sharing Time and Talent

Miracles In Sight relies on volunteers to help us educate the public about the importance of organ donation and, in particular, corneal donation. We offer many ways to get involved, such as participating in health fairs, public speaking opportunities and community outreach programs. If you would like to know more about our volunteer opportunities, contact:

Penny Loy – ploy@miraclesinsight.org

“Donate Life” DMV Outreach

Miracles In Sight is part of Donate Life, a collaborative group of organizations that promote eye, organ and tissue donation. Donate Life has a DMV Ambassador program that works with DMV personnel at offices around North Carolina. The DMV is where many people make the decision to become an organ/tissue donor simply by checking the box on their license. DMV Ambassadors periodically go to DMV offices to make sure they have brochures and other information about organ donation and the donation process. For more information on the DMV Ambassador program, visit www.donatelifenc.org/content/volunteer.



  • I feel honored that God made that sassy, smart, funny and compassionate girl my sister. I am a better person because of it. I know without a doubt that she would be so happy that her eyes were able to help you.


  • I am so grateful to the North Caroline Eye Bank for giving me the opportunity to share the sparkle in his eyes with someone else. I love the thought that someone is seeing the sunset or a rainbow that Arthur so loved, through his eyes. It is a blessing to me to know that a part of him lives on.


  • She had a very generous spirit and each of our living was made better by being a part of her life and even by being a part of her death. And we were very thankful for the way the North Carolina Eye Bank handled the arrangements and that they exist to make these donations possible.

    Mary M.

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