Coroners & Medical Examiners

As a medical examiner or coroner, you have an opportunity to play a vital role in helping Miracles In Sight facilitate sight-restoring transplants.

Information For Coroners & Medical Examiners

Working together to quickly enable the donation process, we can meet both your needs as a medicolegal investigator and the needs of those waiting for corneal transplants to regain their sight. Cornea donation should not conflict with the important work you do in serving the public.


Blood and Vitreous Samples

  • Blood
  • Vitreous
  • Ocular exam information
  • Photographs if requested


  • Technicians must perform a full body exam, looking for evidence of high risk behavior such as:
    • IV drug use
    • Homemade tattoos
    • Signs of AIDS/HIV/Hepatitis and sepsis

The Scientific Working Group for Medicolegal Death Investigation has written this official position paper discussing the interactions between organ, eye and tissue donation agencies. For more information about the Scientific Working Group for Medicolegal Death Investigation, the position paper can be accessed here. 

  • I have been using tissue from Miracles In Sight for 15 years. The quality and consistency of the tissue provided has always been superb without question. In emergency situations, Miracles In Sight has always come through in a timely fashion.

    Richard I. Chang, MD

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