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Donor Family Story: Allen Staley

My Dad was an adventurer! He loved long walks by the ocean and building sandcastles, but his heart was in the mountains. Camping, hiking, canoeing and fly fishing were a few of his favorites. He also enjoyed experimenting with recipes and cooking for the family. Thanksgiving was always his favorite holiday. He loved to explore new places in his jeep, always looking for God’s natural beauty. His six grandchildren were his pride and joy! My hope is that someone else is able to see the beauty in this world just as my Dad did. 

He was the most selfless person I knew. He would always lend a helping hand and be there for anyone that needed him. He opened his doors to friends and family that needed a place to stay and would give a stranger the shirt off his back. He always wanted to be an organ donor. Although our hearts are broken; my family and I are extremely thankful to Miracles in Sight! Thank you for giving him the opportunity to donate his corneas and help another person in need. 

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