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Donor Family Story: Sawyer Updike

Born in Curepipe, Mauritius (Africa) on March 12, 2005, Sawyer Lee Updike graced the world with his presence until January 16, 2024. A proud graduate of Dawson High School, Class of 2023, Sawyer was a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering.

Standing tall at 6’6″, Sawyer radiated warmth beyond his height, epitomized by his infectious smile. His family and friends cherished the moments he shared laughter and found solace in the unspoken thoughts reflected in his expressive face.

A standout in the realm of sports, Sawyer proudly wore the number 85 as an award-winning football player for the Dawson Eagles. His athletic prowess extended to baseball, golf, and a passion for bass fishing with the Dawson Anglers. He excelled not only as a player for Dawson High School but also dedicated additional time to club baseball with the Dad’s Club in Pearland.

Sawyer‘s interests went beyond sports. He was a proud Boy Scout, embodying the values of scouting. Additionally, from elementary school into high school, he played the tuba in the school band. Despite his occasional sideline nap during high school marching band practice, Sawyer always found the right note when it mattered.

Sawyer embraced campus life, becoming an active participant in the Texas Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of Texas. He showcased his skills on the intramural football team and as a member of the University of Texas Trap and Skeet Competition Team.

Sawyer‘s passions spanned the thrill of the hunt to the serene art of fishing. As a true outdoorsman, he found joy in cooking the spoils of his expeditions, sharing culinary creations with those around him.

Although not a man of many words, Sawyer‘s actions, and above all, his unforgettable smile, resonated deeply. He was a beloved soul, touching the hearts of all fortunate enough to know him.

Sawyer Lee Updike leaves behind a legacy of cherished friends and family – especially his 100 year old great-grandmother, Wilma Roberts, grandparents Thomas (Dick) Roberts, Kathy Roberts, Lynda Updike, his brother Michael (Hart) Updike, and parents Sheri Roberts-Updike and Lee (LJ) Updike, all who love and miss him dearly.

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