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Donor Family Story: Barry Parris

When Barry was in his early 20s he was in an accident by a drunk driver. He had severe brain trauma and had a 5% chance of living through the night after immediate brain surgery. As you know he lived many many years after. He was such a fighter. He taught himself how to walk and write again. Built his little small house on his own , but of course with little help here and there from family and friends. He has lived on a fixed income since his early 20s but he had such a giving heart and was always helping those less fortunate. Ive never known anyone with such a big and caring heart.  If someone was hungry he would feed them. Even if he didnt have much to give them he would give them something. He had such a sense of humor and was always the joker and the flirt. He NEVER ever met a stranger. When I would take him to the doctors office he had to speak to everyone there in the waiting room and always finished with “God Bless” ! I am going to miss him tremendously! My heart really hurts and I feel a huge void in my life but I do know he is with my mama in heaven and that gives me some comfort. Also, gives me some comfort knowing that even after he was gone he was able to help someone else. This is something that I know he would have wanted.  Barry lived the biggest part of his life with severe mental and physical handicaps but was always very adamant about doing things himself. 

Donor Family Story: Sawyer Updike

Born in Curepipe, Mauritius (Africa) on March 12, 2005, Sawyer Lee Updike graced the world with his presence until January 16, 2024. A proud graduate of Dawson High School, Class of 2023, Sawyer was a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering.

Standing tall at 6’6″, Sawyer radiated warmth beyond his height, epitomized by his infectious smile. His family and friends cherished the moments he shared laughter and found solace in the unspoken thoughts reflected in his expressive face.

A standout in the realm of sports, Sawyer proudly wore the number 85 as an award-winning football player for the Dawson Eagles. His athletic prowess extended to baseball, golf, and a passion for bass fishing with the Dawson Anglers. He excelled not only as a player for Dawson High School but also dedicated additional time to club baseball with the Dad’s Club in Pearland.

Sawyer‘s interests went beyond sports. He was a proud Boy Scout, embodying the values of scouting. Additionally, from elementary school into high school, he played the tuba in the school band. Despite his occasional sideline nap during high school marching band practice, Sawyer always found the right note when it mattered.

Sawyer embraced campus life, becoming an active participant in the Texas Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of Texas. He showcased his skills on the intramural football team and as a member of the University of Texas Trap and Skeet Competition Team.

Sawyer‘s passions spanned the thrill of the hunt to the serene art of fishing. As a true outdoorsman, he found joy in cooking the spoils of his expeditions, sharing culinary creations with those around him.

Although not a man of many words, Sawyer‘s actions, and above all, his unforgettable smile, resonated deeply. He was a beloved soul, touching the hearts of all fortunate enough to know him.

Sawyer Lee Updike leaves behind a legacy of cherished friends and family – especially his 100 year old great-grandmother, Wilma Roberts, grandparents Thomas (Dick) Roberts, Kathy Roberts, Lynda Updike, his brother Michael (Hart) Updike, and parents Sheri Roberts-Updike and Lee (LJ) Updike, all who love and miss him dearly.

Donor Family Story: Nancy Minger

My mom passed away on 12/2/2023 and she donated her eyes to your organization. I just wanted to share some things about her. She was 67 years old from Blythewood SC. My mom was so very tough. She was the CEO of our entire family. She had 2 children, me and my brother. But she raised my 2 cousins and was raising my oldest nephew.  Mom went on disability in 2008 due to her declining eyesight. She worked food service for years and really loved people. She was one of the most social and caring people on this side of heaven. She had diabetic retinopathy and so desperately wanted to regain her vision. I pray that her donation is able to help advance science or another persons life that is dealing with blindness. She was the best mom and example of a woman. I miss her so much. Thank you for letting me share some things about her.

Donor Family Story: Jared Butler

My son Jared Butler was killed in a motorcycle accident on November 14. We donated all his organs (eyes skin and tissue) to those who needed them. Jared was always helping other people no matter how small or big the problem was. His friends called him the Rebel. He loved riding motorcycles, riding horses, playing disc golf, and being around those he loved. He had one daughter whom he loved her dearly. He had an older brother. He loved his mother, She was always there for him. We bless the person who receives sight and his organs. Jared was loved by so many.

Donor Family Story: Michelle DeHart

Michelle DeHart loved life and lived life to its full potential. She traveled to many places, and in her last year of life, she was able to visit her favorite destinations with her husband Tim, embark on a cross-country RV road trip with her daughter Samantha, and then help plan and witness her daughter Cassidy’s wedding.

Michelle battled lung cancer for 8 years, but she never let it hold her back. She loved running, yoga, going on evening walks with her husband and dogs, camping, gardening, sunflowers, fishing, shopping, traveling, beach trips, hiking, nature, talking with her many best friends and family, as well as caring for her pets and grandpets. She cherished her husband and daughters more than anything and constantly expressed how proud she was of them.

Michelle was a beautiful soul who could light up a room with her smile. She loved making everyone feel special, as if they were the most important person in the world. Her caring nature led her to make it her mission to encourage, inspire, and be a friend to others going through cancer.

Michelle had a genuine passion for giving. Whether it was mentoring those fighting cancer, dedicating all her free time to making people feel cherished, or creating delightful surprises for her husband, daughters, and son-in-law on occasions like Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, and Valentine’s Day. She made every event special. She wanted everyone around her to feel like the most important person in the world. Even after her passing, she was able to give through her cornea donation. For that, we are grateful.

To the recipient of her donation: We will always think of you and pray for you. Our Michelle was selfless and loved fiercely. She saw so much beauty in this world, even through the most difficult times. She was a shining light to anyone who met her. She loved to quote, “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Thank you for carrying her with you.

Michelle leaves behind a legacy of love, kindness, and selflessness. The world is undoubtedly a better place because of people like Michelle. May her memory continue to live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her, and may her example of love and generosity continue to inspire others.

Wendy and Tim’s Story, Part 2

The following is the second in a two-part story of the special connection between the family of tissue donor, Tim Page, and the recipient of his donated corneal tissue, Wendy Bolling.

The following is the second in a two-part story of the special connection between the family of tissue donor, Tim Page, and the recipient of his donated corneal tissue, Wendy Bolling.

Timothy Nathaniel Page, Jr., was a loving person. He loved his family — his father, his mother, his sister and his four daughters and nieces and nephews. He loved food. He loved to tell jokes. He always had a smile on his face. He loved the Lord. And he loved people.

“To meet him was to know him,” says his mother, Sararecia Long. “He was a funny, bubbly person and was well-liked.” Although his life changed when his father passed away, he tried to stay strong, and made sure to be present in his daughters’ lives. TJ and his sister had a bond like no other. “I love my son. And nothing would ever change that,” she adds.

According to Sararecia, Tim and his sister, Teioyannah Page, were very close. And she is glad that they were able to share that bond over the years. “My birthday in 2021 was the last time I saw him,” says Sararecia.

A month later, Tim passed away. However, his loving spirit lives on through the wonderful memories of him and through his decision earlier in life to be an organ donor. In fact, it didn’t take long for that act of selfless generosity to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Only weeks after Tim’s passing, his cornea tissue was used to help restore Wendy Bolling’s vision through life-changing transplant surgery.

Wendy, who had struggled with her vision nearly her entire life, was able to regain her independence and was inspired to reach out through Miracles In Sight to express her gratitude for what this amazing gift had made possible for her.

While donor families can and often do choose to share stories of their loved ones, Tim’s mother was interested to know that her son’s choice to be an organ donor had been able to make a difference for someone. And with Wendy eager to get in touch, Sararecia and Teioyannah agreed to talk with her.

Tim’s family and met Wendy (along with her mother) in October 2023, nearly two years after he passed away and made the gift that restored Wendy’s sight. The group shared lunch at a popular restaurant in Burlington, NC, enjoying a beautiful afternoon together and forming a special relationship that Wendy and Sararecia intend on nurturing for years to come.

“The morning before we met, I was a nervous wreck,” says Wendy. “But it was like we had known them for years. They are wonderful people. I can never thank them enough.”

“To say that it was a blessing would be an understatement,” says Sararecia. Our family would like to thank Miracles In Sight for standing by us and guiding us through this difficult transition. May God forever bless you.

If you want to read more about Wendy’s experience as a transplant recipient, you can find her story in Part 1 here.

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