miracles in sight success stories

Tribute Stories

These are the people who benefit from the work we do – the grateful recipients who receive the gift of sight, and the dedicated physicians who are able to restore sight to their patients.
miracles in sight success stories

The Power of Sight Restored

Click on the excerpts below to read tribute stories involving Miracles In Sight and our partnerships.

We are grateful to hear from donor families and recipients about the impact of their experiences. Please consider sharing your story to help spread awareness about the donation process and hope for families in similar situations.

May 18, 2016 / Success Stories

Bill Hirsch: A Second Chance

Bill Hirsch is a three time cornea recipient and new volunteer for Miracles In Sight. Corneal donation and transplantation changed his life more times than he expected… and we are very happy to share his story
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May 18, 2016 / Success Stories

Caroline’s Story: Sight Restored

Dear Donor Family,My name is Caroline and I am the 52-year-old recipient of your loved one’s cornea. I am writing...
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May 18, 2016 / Success Stories

Pandit Ram: A New Life At 72

In your time of sorrow, I just want you to know that what your family member has done for me has been life-giving, life-enhancing and life-changing.
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  • David had just graduated from high school. He was 18 years old and very loving. He was a true trickster, always playing jokes on people (especially me). We love him and we miss him, but we are glad that he could give someone else the ability to see.

    Kim D.

  • I know she would be very pleased and proud to know that her eyes are now helping someone else to see the beauty in the world as she did. That was the kind of person she was. She will be missed by all who knew her, most of all by me.

    Van B.

  • When I was diagnosed with a progressive eye disease my only hope was corneal transplant surgery. I couldn’t believe that someone I didn’t even know would care enough to give their loved one’s corneas to me. Because of the gift of sight, I was able to touch the lives of others as an EMS technician.

    Gary G.

  • It was taking me out of the darkness and putting me into the marvelous light. I did not realize I had so many freckles on my face until my transplant!


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